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"The event is largely put on by the good folks at Bar Volo–the pioneers of the Ontario craft brew surge this city’s been seeing over the past few years–and their efforts in putting in featuring Ontario beer hugely at this event must be applauded!" Link To Article

- Paul Amos (Ontario Culinary), 2013

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"In October, Ralph Morana put 22 Ontario cask ales on the patio of Volo – after coaxing brewers to revive an English way of making beer that was all but dormant in the province – and called his festival Cask Days." Link To Article

- Mike Doherty (National Post), 2016

"The best beer festival in Canada ever? Impossible to say without having been to all of them every year. But almost certainly the best ever cask festival in Canada, and the most Canadian beer festival. What will these guys do next?" Link To Article

- Nicholas Pashley (Good Food Revolution), 2011


"How Cask Days became a full blown beer phenomenon. The result is that beer fans and mirth-seekers alike get access to a plethora of new and interesting beer they really can't get anywhere else." Link To Article

- Ben Johnson (Blog TO), 2013

"Ralph closed his entire café in order to host this sensational event. I arrived there at noon on both days to find many real ale fans already there, studying and scoping out the various cask selections." Link To Article

- Warren Becker (The Gotham IMBIBER), 2015

When Ralph Morana first decided to run a cask festival, he didn't think he would be starting a revolution. But judging by the packed house at his 4th annual event devoted to the traditional English style of beer, that just might be what he's done. Link To Article

- Josh Rubin (Toronto Star), 2018


Don’t miss last call at Cask Days, the king of beer fests. Back in the mid-2000s, the folks at Bar Volo began a small-batch beer event on their patio and called it Cask Days. Link To Article

- Luc Rinaldi (Toronto Life), 2014

"The Morana family have really done amazingly in bringing forth events that continue to welcome new members in to the world of craft beer while still making the beer geek’s cynical heart beat a little faster with anticipation" Link To Article

- Robin LeBlanc (Thirsty Wench), 2013

"I thought I’d show you something pretty neat about the development of the festival. It’s mostly interesting because it mirrors the development of the Ontario beer scene almost directly." Link To Article

- Jordan St. John (St.John's Wort), 2012


Cask Days is “now the best-regarded and, possibly, largest cask festival outside of England,” says Ort. The three-day event is a beer-lover’s dream: more than 400 beers from over 200 brewers, poured straight from the cask for sampling. The festival, run by the same team behind Birreria Volo, is certainly going to be a highlight this fall. Link To Article

- Gizelle Lau (Forbes), 2016